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Write in no more than 250 words WHAT one (1) specific help you need the most in your healthcare career, business, or project.  Our Courteous Customer Staff will get back at serious inquiries ONLY within 72 hours and book you to a 30-min. tele-coaching                                        (Includes discussion on enrollment to our Self-Care for Care Providers Course). 

femaledoctorAt the LaNelle Coaching, we practice a high level of  integrity – by delivering what we PROMISE. LaNelle believes that the success in any healthcare provider’s profession or business depends largely on your personal inner strength. Through our latest innovation in our new 2016 a customizableSolutions for Success Program, we integrated The LaNelle Connection‘s non-clinical approach on health career and  business coaching to our comprehensive health management business solutions. LaNelle regarded this as her calling so she’s opening up her life coaching for those who are open and ready to receive it.

Note that in Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”, he emphasized that “when the student is ready, the Teacher will appear”.

The LaNelle Connection is all about inspiration for self-empowerment. It offers group coaching interventions using the ASK method to entice involvement, which is the most efficient way of engagement and get trainees to learn faster. Sign up with no obligation yet on the right side of this page and our customer service will be happy to contact you to discuss our online group coaching schedules and quote your best value rate.finger



4 Weekly Live Encounters  and 2 Weekly Online Sessions  designed to help you master a 22-day challenge for you to be able to release the pains of your stresses, burnout and unhealthy practices (like lack of quality sleep and eating habits, etc.) using proven silencing techniques along with binaural music, aromatherapy, power nap exercises and  behavioral tools  such as Coaching,  Creative Visualization, Meditation, and EFT, in a stress-free environment.

You Will:

  • Identify Your Health Goals… learn to achieve the level of positive stress, sleep and lifestyle that’s healthy enough for you
  • Release and Shield Yourself from Too Much Negativity … how to absorb good vibes and detach from harmful negative thoughts,  and minimize exposure to toxic relationships or work environment
  • Unlearn Your Limiting Beliefs… how to upload uplifting thoughts into your mind– replace your thought and feelings of  “don’t deserve” or “not worthy”
  • Align Your EQ with Your  New Belief Systems…  choose peace over anger; joy over sadness; and gratitude over conceitedness BEYOND your intellect at all times without compromising your healthy boundaries
  • Sustain Change Through a 22-Day Challenge… self- mastery using the best behavioral tools to change your daily unhealthy habits and help you move forward utilizing our foll0w through  support service.

Traditional Program offerings:

1. online healthcare career/business motivational coaching, or

2. on-site corporate training on business development and client relations

carefully matched with scheduled live or on-site discovery sessions and interactions which guide the most crucial career or business journeys of a group of emerging healthcare business owners or start-up / pivoting healthcare providers. We can do this in a designated LaNelle Health Pro  empowerment retreat place or in your customized corporate Creative Visualization and De-stress center in your office or a place of choice exclusively designed by LaNelle’s team on-site or off-site, or it can be in a home, complete with all the positively energizing tools meant for vibrational and space detox.

The corporate Creative Visualization & De-Stress center with harmonic binaural beat-inspired music along with an energy-transfusing environment will be designed for the nurse’s/healthcare provider’s daily “stress interruption” and relaxation with power-nap exercises to reduce effects of pressures from lack of  sleep and technology burn-out due to “trading hours for dollars”, thereby increasing the healthcare providers’ productivity and improving physical/ mental health. An innovative and practical 22-day challenges on “winning the mind game” plus”expressive writing” exercises is available to nurses and allied healthcare providers who need to be alleviated or released from your traumatic career experiences,  and guide you to move on further to a healthcare career or business that you’ve always loved.

What LaNelle Can Help You With:


a.) Healthcare career growth and motivational approaches to inspire healthcare providers, especially nurses, to give more value to yourself and what you do for humanity.

Take a break from daily stresses, or technology burn-out so that you can sustain service,  and live a well-balanced life as well.

22-day challenge on “winning the mind game” for Change and practical career trauma releasing process.

Align your goals with your purpose and develop your Choice career / business, your Success blueprint.

b.) Deepen self-care for healthcare providers by helping you raise consciousness on how your healthcare passion can connect to your greatness within.

Develop a stronger sense of self-worth,  coping with bullying in the corporate workplace, stop playing small, facing your challenges head-on with a lot of courage where giving up is never an option, and turn your vulnerability as a source of your attracting abundance now.

Journey with you in dreaming bigger without a doubt that takes you to the path of least resistance to make your dreams come true.

This Program through change advocacy with a customized envisioning process and self-empowerment – in a peaceful and stress-free space aims to help you get unstuck from where you’re at now and to help you open up to your consciousness which can bring out the best in you and make the best life-changing decisions and actions. Because all the answers to your concerns already exist within You!

Most people go through life thinking that who they are is a direct reflection of what they have. So they value themselves based on what they have, not what they think they CAN have. This creates limiting beliefs and feelings – of unworthiness –  that can make you think that a better life seem impossible. Remember, giving up is never an option in career and business

This Program aims to support the healthcare community’s goals to provide an uplifting environment for healthcare leaders as you continue to thrive in the delivery of sustainable healthcare services in spite of the day to day challenges in order to make this world a better place to live in.

Results may vary depending on the level of success each participant desires to achieve.


• Premium Group Program with Live Empowerment Masterminding & Transition to Breakthroughs

• Participatory Discovery Sessions Knowing Your “Why” Through Story Resonance 

• Educational Videos and Reports Back to Back with Accountability/ Feedbacking

• Webinars on Deepening Self-care for Care Givers & Practical Career Trauma Releasing(Expressive Writing)

•Inner Circle Mentoring Group With Energetic Laser Coaching for Stress Interruption & Grounding

• Studies on Integrating Change in an Environment with Like-Minded Game Changers & 22-Day Challenge on “Winning the Mind Game”

• Exercises on Intellectualization of  Emotions & Immersion to Actualize  Peak Potentials

• Collaborations Enticing Involvement in Paying Forward

The LaNelle Connection’s non-clinical approach intervention re-focuses your attention on what matters and what works based on the proven keys to success, and organizational motivation approaches which position you as leaders through our new 2016 a customizable LaNelle Health ProSolutions for Care Providers Program.

It is important that you are void of any doubt or resistance. There’s no shame in immersing into life coaching. In fact, even the most successful and richest people have life coaches! Read more about LaNelle in our Home page, and see what entrepreneurs have to say on how LaNelle brought out the best in just a few of the respected people she’s connected with in our Media & Reviews page which goes as far as a few years back, when she first started to rediscover her passion for life coaching.

The LaNelle Connection was originally a website of its own from 2010 to early part of 2013, its history is revealed in our Home page. Then it 2016, it stepped up as the center for our healthcare career and business coaching program with a heart called – Journeys of Meaningful Connections with LaNelle. You’ll be introduced to a journey system where you will learn how to get unstuck and de-stressed in order for you to experience self empowerment by letting your dreams flow to where you will ultimately attract everything that you want to do, be, and have…

And, if you need to add some of our online health management business solutions to your LaNelle Coaching program, please go to our LaNelle Health Pro page and select your priority needs. We can always put your selections together to create your customized new 2016 LaNelle Health ProSolutions for Success Program here at anytime.

Resist not on self-growth. There’s no shame in coaching.  See what our previous interviewees have to say how LaNelle brought out the best in them in our Media & Reviews page as far back 2012. And below are her promise and vision excerpted from her original website The LaNelle Connection in 2010 which holds true to present:


aboutlanelbannerPromise and Vision of LaNelle :

“Trust me, with my story and years of professional experiences , I am STRONG-WILLED enough to hold you by the hand in our Journey together which can take you all the way to where your heart Desires … SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND…. All it takes is a DECISION that you want my HELP in creating your own success in Personal Life, Career or Business … in living your Vision … and the fruits will be many as they will surely MANIFEST right before you! It is important that You BELIEVE as anything is truly Possible!

As you cross the fork on a road, You have to intensely desire for your own Change. And when you’re grueling on complex ideas buried in your “sandbox” yet always being held back by your doubts, and a habit of feeling small, I promise to enlighten, encourage and empower You…

I can help you journey back to your courage and get you unstuck so you can complete the process of “mining your wealth mojos within” through our “inner works” first… transforming your paralyzing fears to positive energy, and consequently align them with your Mission.

And when you finally find your true Desires from your Heart… I will help you align your thoughts, feelings and actions to your birth purpose, I will infuse my in-born God-given coaching skills and professional knowledge to instantly connect you towards finding your true wealth mojos from within.

I will equip you with the necessary tools and techniques to let you map your Choice Destiny from an abundance of Possibilities –as together, with the Divine Providence, you and I CAN crack your secret code to a purposeful living, your blueprint from your heart level!

As your Journey Coach and Change Advocate, I have what it takes to lead you to your Journey as I’ve been there…done that and learned the Secrets from the masters! Having came out courageously from my own space of vulnerability while in corporate America and other parts of the world ( Canada and Philippines ), I AM your only logical choice as a Personal Trainer who can help you Transform Your Career or Business passion into a more meaningful wealth in your life ! Because If I was able to do it, you, too, CAN do it, too!

Listen to this True Message with your Heart : YOU are a Gift. 

You are THE real in-charge of everything that happens in your Life… Most importantly, “giving up” is never an option! You just need someone with sustainable Courage , one who knows the way, so that you’ll be competently guided to the “road less-travelled” in Life, Career or Business …Note that in Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich“, he talks about “when the student is Ready, the Teacher will appear”. ~ LaNelle (2010)

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In these very challenging times, a huge number of young healthcare career professionals and fast-growing health business owners hardly realize the value of the relationship between your professions or businesses and your inner mojos so that you can successfully live a life with wealth and meaning!

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